Western Floral Money Clip

Western Floral Money Clip

Sweet deal! This handtooled western foral money clip is classic. Two super magnets secure your cash. Two extra pockets snuggly hold bank cards and ID. Sized to fit comfortably in your front jean pocket (or to slip in your boot). Width 2 3/4 inches. Length 4 inches. Thickness about 1 inch.


    Other handtooled designs available are Western Cross, Buffalo Skull and Fisherman's Friend.


    We promise you will love your new money clip. If, however, you are not fully satisfied, please return the item within 30 days of receipt and we will refund your money. Return shipping is not included.

    There is no money back guarantee on personalized items (items that include initials or names, etc.) However, please contact Shannon to help resolve any issues in this area on an individual basis.


    This item is in stock and will ship the next business day. Free shipping in the United States.


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