Rugged wood and leather picture frame.

Rugged wood and leather picture frame.

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Rugged, rough sawn, Montana sawn lumber and hand tooled pine cone leather design. Custom sizes and lettering. Call Shannon for your special frame. Pricing starts at $100.


    Totally custom. Call Shannon to talk over a design and size for your special frame.


    This is a custom personalized item.

    There is no money back guarantee on personalized items (items that include initials or names, etc.) However, please contact Shannon to help resolve any issues in this area on an individual basis. We want you to be happy with your Lovely Product.


    We are not Amazon. We are not Walmart. This frame will be handmade to your specs when you order. Therefore we cannot promise next day shipping.

    We can, and do, promise that we will acknowledge your order within 24 hours.  We will give you an estimated time for the completion of your order. We will update you on the progress of your custom frame.

    Free shipping within the United States.


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